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Stencil Your Floors

Statement flooring is all the rage, but if you aren’t ready to install new flooring, you can still get a bold new look by stenciling your wood, tile or concrete floors. You can also use this method on walls, ceilings, furniture and even patios.

The process of stenciling a floor is relatively simple but it does require time.

Supply List:

Your Stencil

Stencil Paint (latex or acrylics)

Base Coat Paint (for touch-ups)

Low Tack Painters Tape

Stencil Brush

Dense Foam Roller

Paint Tray or Paper Plate

Paper Towels

Spray Adhesive (optional)

Cutting Edge Stencil Clip-on Level (optional)

Sample Board (cardboard or poster board) (optional)

1. Prep Your Surface:

Any cracks or chips in your surface should be repaired prior to stenciling. Make sure that your surface is clean and dust free. Apply a base coat of paint, preferably a flat Sheen. Wait at least 24 hours for your base coat to try.

2. Masking:

Use a low-tack painters tape for baseboards, moldings, ceilings and other services that will not be stenciled. Rub down the edge of the tape for a nice clean line and remove tape slowly.

3. Position The Stencil where you’d like to start. Secure the stencil in place with a few pieces of the painters tape.

4. Stencil with a brush or roller:

A roller is perfect for stenciling walls and floors, a brush is better for edges and corners.

Pour the paint into a tray then evenly load the paint onto your roller or brush. Once the saturation is even, offload the excess paint by rolling out a couple of times on a paper towel, the roller or brush should appear somewhat dry. Paint over the stencil. Use smaller stencil brushes for better control when painting smaller stencil design elements. Repeat this step until the entire tile floor is stenciled.

5. You may use a small paint brush and Old White Chalk Paint® to touch up any areas.

6. Seal the entire floor with water-based polyurethane top coat. Apply the 1st coat with a nap roller and allow to dry for a couple of hours. Apply a 2nd coat and allow to dry overnight.

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