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Renovation Tips for 2021

Whether out of necessity or luxury, this past year has found most of us seeking out some sort of change in our homes to better accommodate our new routines. There are two factors to consider when it comes to renovations right now— what needs to be done to make your home as comfortable as possible for the here and now and what investments make the most sense for re-sale value. Here are the renovations recommended by experts and designers looking toward 2021 and beyond.

The Home Office

This one is a necessity for obvious reasons these days and it’s here to stay. Whether you have an entire room or simply a designated working space - this element has become just as indispensable as a kitchen or bathroom. It’s important to spend a little time making this space welcoming and blending the style with the rest of your home so that it doesn’t feel invasive. And if you are limited on space in your home, get creative with what you do have. A desk that folds away can be placed virtually anyplace in the home and be stowed away when your “off the clock”. Here’s a simple one from Pottery Barn: DESK

The Kitchen

Kitchens have always been one of the top priorities in home both for the use of current residents and value in resale. Today, more than ever emphasis is being placed on kitchen storage and pantries. On the very high end some homes are actually being built with 2 kitchens, one a hidden kitchen where the prep and cooking take place, and the second is open to the living space, a sort of presentation kitchen and gathering space. Even if you don’t’ have funds or space for 2 entire kitchens, you’ll want to invest in a pantry at the very least. People want space to hide appliances and stocks of bulk supplies of food that more and more people find themselves collecting. You’ll love all the hidden storage ideas in this article by SpaceWise: STORAGE


A fresh coat of paint is always a value boost when preparing to sell a home and if that’s your plan, I certainly recommend neutral colors of off white, grey and taupe and Earth tones. But, if you are planning to stay in the home at least a few years and just want a quick aesthetic enhancement then add some more rich color. Experts agree that Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore and Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams will be the most used colors of 2021 according the the 2021 Paint and Color Trends Report. Also consider an accent wall to add some real panache, perhaps in a jewel tone and maybe even add texture – and don’t forget you can have an accent ceiling too!

Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter where you live and what type of home you have the outdoor space is increasingly valuable and therefore maximizing its usability and appearance are great ways to add comfort for now and value for a future sale. For resale value the number one thing to invest in is landscaping – always remember that curb appeal can make or break your “wow” moment as you hit the market. In addition outdoor kitchens prove to be one of the best returns on investment as well as heaters (or firepits) or fans (depending on your climate). For those of you just looking to bolster the outdoor space for your own enjoyment, comfort is key. Surround yourself in greenery, optimize your views and choose your furniture wisely. You’ll want sturdy furniture that is weather-resistant as well as comfortable.

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